FC Project a google chrome extension

Project Description

I wanted to try out Twitch API but I had no inspiration. Then, I met someone who needed a chrome extension to notify her followers when she's streaming or when she upload a new video on Youtube. The following day was her birthday so I was in a rush somehow but I came up with a fully functional extension in time even though it took me few days to release the first beta. It has been released on 29th December 2016.

Project Details

  • Shows notification up to 15 minutes after a video has been uploaded
  • Shows notification up to 1 minute after stream goes live
  • Shows social networks when you click on the icon
  • Dynamic title and message for notifications

Todo list

  • Working on multi-threading so it checks if there is a new video every two minutes and if FC stream is live every twenty seconds
  • Get YT video information another way to reduce latency
  • Fix thumbnail for YT notification


FC Project on Github